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 Nmale plug -> BNC socket silver
Nmale plug -> BNC socket silver
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Converter Monoblock Golden Interstar LNB (0.5dB)  15.00EUR 

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The conventional solution of satellite converter (LNB) with DiSEqC switch consists in location in one housing two LNBs with one common output. The choice of required LNB is made with DiSEqC signal. These LNBs are suitable for use with 80 - 90 cm dishes.


Name LNB GI-205
Noise figure 0.5 dB
Input frequency range 10.70-11.70 GHz, 11.70-12.75 GHz
Output frequency range 0.95-1.95 GHz, 1.10-2.15 GHz
Output impedance 75 ohm
Connectors F-type
Mount diameter 40mm

Apparent incompatibility of receiver and Monoblock LNB. Some of Monoblock Golden Interstar users raised objections that the device did not work with their receiver. The reason was that the receiver did not control LNB with DiSEqC signal.
Such a problem is possible in two situations. The first - when within the settings of the receiver Tone Burst control is executed (it should be changed into DiSEqC control). The second - when the receiver simply is equipped only with Tone Burst control. A feasible solution (except changing the receiver, of course) is to find (if possible) an update of the receiver's software, enabling to activate  DiSEqC function. Just Monoblock Golden Interstar LNBs are not compatible with Tone Burst, and the mating receiver has to operate with DiSEqC signal.

Two converters and terrestrial TV in one cable. Application of a switch between two converters, manipulated with DiSEqC signal and TV/SAT branching filter allows to provide signal from two satellites and terrestrial TV to the receiver using only one cable. We separate the signals with the TV/SAT socket (outlet). As the TV/SAT branching filter we advise the Alcad MM-214 due to its good slope of characteristic and perfect matching.


Dieses Produkt haben wir am Montag, 14. August 2006 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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