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 FME plug silver on RG58 cable
FME plug silver on RG58 cable
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DVB Receiver FERGUSON AF-6318 CR (SECA)  60.00EUR 

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Key Features

  • MPEG-2 / DVB Compliant
  • MP Layer I and II
  • CD Quality Audio Sound
  • Supports RS-232 port for S/W upgrade (115,200bps)
  • Separated TV/Radio List & Favorite Group List
  • Offering 4,000 TV and Radio channels
  • Small and compact design
  • S/W Loader and Channel Editor 
  • Seca Conditional Access module installed, but not visible in menu.

Other Features

  • Capable of receiving both SCPC and MCPC channels
  • Picture on Graphics
  • Games: Tetris, Block out
  • Based on Windows 95/98/2000: able to upload & download through PC
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for On Screen Channel-Information
  • Small window screen picture with EPG graphic menu
  • 10 Languages OSD menu with colorful background
  • Auto search & Manual search function
  • Supports DiSEqC1.2 / Friendly OSD in chosen language with Help option
  • Parental lock code function
  • Editing of channels (Create/ Add/ Delete)
  • EIT display time setting
  • 0/12V Control Voltage
  • Teletext Support
  • Ergonomic full functions remote control
  • 2 SCART / 3 RCA A/V interface
  • LNB power overload protection function
  • Supports 22kHz tone, 13/18V polar. switch.; 4digit-7segment display 


Tuner & Demodulator
RF Input Connector F-female, IEC 169-24
RF Frequency Range 950 MHz to 2150 MHz
Input Impedance 75ohm unbalanced
Input Signal Level -60dBm to -30dBm
IF Frequency Zero IF
LNB Power Vertical: 13.0V DC
Horizontal: 18.0V DC
Current: 500mA(MAX)
Overload Protection
LNB Control DiSEqC 1.0, DiSEqC 1.2
Band Switch Control 22 kHz Ton
22kHz Ton Frequency: 22 +/- 2 kHz
Amplitude : 0.6 +/- 0.2V
Demodulation QPSK
Symbol Rate 1 to 45Msps
A/V Decoding
Transport Stream MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818
Transport Stream Specification
Profile Level MPEG-2 MP@ML
Input Rate Max, 60 Mbps
Aspect Ratio 4:3, 16:9 (Letter Box)
Video Resolution 720 x 576(PAL), 720 x 480(NTSC)
Audio Decoding MPEG Layer I and II
Audio Mode Signal Channel / Dual Channel
Joint Stereo / Stereo
Sampling Rate 32, 44.1 & 48 kHz
Graphic Engine 3-display Plane
1-Background Plane / 256 Full Color
Main System
CPU STi 5518
Flash Memory 2 Mbytes
Graphic & System Memory (SDRAM) 8 Mbytes
A/V Data In/Out
TV SCART Video Output (CVBS, RGB)
Audio Output
VCR SCART Video Output (CVBS)
Video Input (CVBS, RGB)
VIDEO RCA/Cinch, Video Output (CVBS, RGB)
AUDIO R/L RCA/Cinch Volume & Mute Control
RS-232C Transfer Rate 115.2kbps
9 Pin D-sub Type
S/PDIF Digital Audio Output (option)
RF-Modulator (option)
RF-Connector 75ohm, IEC 169-1, Male/Female
Frequency 470 to 860 MHz
Output Channel CH 21~69
TV standard PAL B/G / I / DK
Preset Channel CH 21 (or TBD) changeable by Menu
Power Supply
Input Voltage 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max. 35W
Operating Temperature +5oC ~ +50oC
Storage Temperature ­40oC ~ +65oC
Physical Specification
Size (W x D x H) 260 x180 x 55 mm
Weight (Net) 1.5 kg




Dieses Produkt haben wir am Montag, 14. August 2006 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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1 x cable RS232 for mikrotik
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1 x SCART - 4x Chinch cable 1.2m
1 x SCART - SCART cable 1.2m
1 x SCART - S-VIDEO+Mini-jack cable 3.5m (PC to TV)
1 x Mini-jack - 2x Chinch cable 5m
1 x Fiber Optic AV Cable 1,5m
1 x USB Cable A to B, USB 2.0, 1.5m
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1 x Bridge ->WispStation 5 GHz high power + Panel 24dbi + PoE 18V-1A
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1 x Bridge for 5GHz, RB411, 24dBi, with PoE
1 x ORiNOCO AP-1000
1 x Edimax (EW-7209APG) WDS, AP-Client 54M 2,4GHz + 5port Switch
1 x Ubiquiti Loco StationM5
1 x Bridge for 5GHz, CA8-PRO, 24dBi for links up to 10km
1 x GSM/DSC/UMTS/HSDPA Antenna: ATK-LOG (10m cable, FME socket)
2 x FME jack Silver on RG58 cable
1 x N/female on H1000 GOLD
1 x RPSMA plug (pin female, internal thread) on H1000 GOLD
1 x N/female on H1000 clamp
1 x Pin for N male on H1000
1 x N/female on H1000 clamp
1 x Pin for N female on H1000
1 x N/male GOLD on H-1000
1 x N/male on RG58
1 x N/female on RG58
1 x MCX-pin male RG58
1 x TNC plug-pin male silver RG58
1 x RPSMA jack (pin male) on RG58 SILVER
1 x TNC-RP plug silver on RG58
1 x SMA plug 90*-pin male RG58
1 x FME plug silver on RG58 cable
1 x RPSMA plug 90* (pin female, internal thread) on RG58
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