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 FME jack GOLD on H155, RF 240 cable
FME jack GOLD on H155, RF 240 cable
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GPS Antenna Ceramic- Magnetic 5m cable + MMMCX
10+ 3.00EUR

Brand New Amplified Remote GPS Antenna + 5m cable for all GPS Receivers with MMCX Antenna Connector

  • This is an innovative design external GPS antenna with excellent performance and superb quality. With it, your GPS receiver will catch more satellites and get stronger signal. It is ready to plug in and use.Compatible with the following GPS units:
    Navman PIN, PiN 100, PIN 300, PiN 570, iCN 320, iCN 510, iCN 520 , iCN 550
    GlobalSat BC-307, GlobalSat BT-318, GlobalSat SDIO
    Haicom Compact Flash, Haicom Multi Mode Foldable (all models)
    Dell Axim X5, Dell Axim X30, Dell Axim X50, Dell Axim X50v
    Delorme Blue Logger GPS, Mitac Mio 168, Acer N35, i.Trek bluetooth
    It will also work with any GPS receivers with MMCX antenna connector.


  • High signal gain: 32 dB to 55 dB Gain
  • Low power consumption: 6 to 11 mA (max)
  • Low noise: noise figure less than 1.8dB at f0
  • Magnetic mount
  • Power Protection Circuit
  • Power Input Sensor: Reverse polarity short circuit shutdown
  • Over-Current Sensor: Thermal over-current shutdown
  • Output Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Power Input: 2.5V DC to 12V DC input
  • Super strong polycarbonate radome
  • MCX antenna connector
  • Physical dimensions: 1.4?(W) x 1.7?(L) x .5?(H)
  • Over 16 feet long double shielded coax cable
  • Waterproof

    Dieses Produkt haben wir am Donnerstag, 16. März 2006 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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     UFL -> N-male 25cm pigtail GOLD
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     TNC-RP plug (pin female)GOLD on H155
    TNC-RP plug (pin female)GOLD on H155
     RF240/100M super coaxial cable 0,55dB/m 5,5GHz
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     GPS Antenna Ceramic- Magnetic
    GPS Antenna Ceramic- Magnetic
     TNC (pin male) GOLD on H155
    TNC (pin male) GOLD on H155
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    1 x cable RS232 for mikrotik
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    1 x SCART - S-VIDEO+Mini-jack cable 3.5m (PC to TV)
    1 x Mini-jack - 2x Chinch cable 5m
    1 x Fiber Optic AV Cable 1,5m
    1 x USB Cable A to B, USB 2.0, 1.5m
    1 x Mikrotik RouterBOARD 750
    1 x Edimax AR-7064g+ Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router
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    1 x Antenna Box 5GHz/19dBi with RB711 +POE 18V 1A for links up to 6k
    1 x Bridge ->WispStation 5 GHz high power + Panel 24dbi + PoE 18V-1A
    1 x ALFA WDS, AP-Client 54M 2,4GHz
    1 x Mikrotik RouterBOARD 433
    1 x Bridge for 5GHz, RB411, 24dBi, with PoE
    1 x ORiNOCO AP-1000
    1 x Edimax (EW-7209APG) WDS, AP-Client 54M 2,4GHz + 5port Switch
    1 x Ubiquiti Loco StationM5
    1 x Bridge for 5GHz, CA8-PRO, 24dBi for links up to 10km
    1 x GSM/DSC/UMTS/HSDPA Antenna: ATK-LOG (10m cable, FME socket)
    2 x FME jack Silver on RG58 cable
    1 x N/female on H1000 GOLD
    1 x RPSMA plug (pin female, internal thread) on H1000 GOLD
    1 x N/female on H1000 clamp
    1 x Pin for N male on H1000
    1 x N/female on H1000 clamp
    1 x Pin for N female on H1000
    1 x N/male GOLD on H-1000
    1 x N/male on RG58
    1 x N/female on RG58
    1 x MCX-pin male RG58
    1 x TNC plug-pin male silver RG58
    1 x RPSMA jack (pin male) on RG58 SILVER
    1 x TNC-RP plug silver on RG58
    1 x SMA plug 90*-pin male RG58
    1 x FME plug silver on RG58 cable
    1 x RPSMA plug 90* (pin female, internal thread) on RG58
    1 x IPT-1002H - VOIP Phone
    1 x Connector Nmale -> Nmale 0,8M
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