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 Nmale plug -> BNC socket silver
Nmale plug -> BNC socket silver
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AntenaBridge for 5GHz, RB711-19dBi for links up to 6km - PoE inc
10+ 14.80EUR

The 5GHz band antenna in hermetic box for wirelesslan SBC. Mounting holes for Mikrotik prepared.
Thanks antenna connector (RP-SMA) placed inside box, only one pigtail is needed to connecting antenna to the:
RB711 is UFL-RPSMA pigtail or Mmcx
RB 411 is UFLpigtail
Thanks special mast brackets, AntenaBOX direction can be regulated down or up.
Antenna parameters:
gain 18,5dB +/- 0,5dB
beamwidth (-3dB) 18 degrees
frequency range 5250-5800MHz
VSWR - less then 1,5
connector - UFL 20cm
polarization - linear - vertical, horizontal on demand
Box parameters:
internal dimensions: 170x166mm
max depth inside: 40mm
outside dimensions: 189x202x84mm (without mounting brackets)
hermetic (gum gasket)
mast bracket for diameter 30-50mm
mounting brackets
pigtail RP-SMA-> UFL
screws and distance funnels
electric bushing
The appearance of the outer shell may be different from those in the photograph,
the appearance of the housing does not affect the performance of the antenna.


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Cable lenght:
Questo prodotto Ŕ stato aggiunto al nostro catalogo il giovedý 30 novembre, 2006.
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 MCX -> N(female) 25cm pigtail GOLD
MCX -> N(female) 25cm pigtail GOLD
 MCCARD -> N(male) 25cm pigtail GOLD
MCCARD -> N(male) 25cm pigtail GOLD
 Production of antenna pigtail cable
Production of antenna pigtail cable
 RJ-45-RJ-45 Adapter
RJ-45-RJ-45 Adapter
 Antenna YAGI 16,5 + cable H155 or RF240
Antenna YAGI 16,5 + cable H155 or RF240
 UFL -> RPSMA/male 25cm pigtail cable
UFL -> RPSMA/male 25cm pigtail cable
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2 x Bridge ->WispStation 5 GHz high power + Panel 24dbi + PoE 18V-1A
1 x Converter Monoblock Golden Interstar LNB (0.5dB)
1 x F-type socket - antenna socket (IEC) adapter
1 x F-type socket - antenna plug (IEC) adapter
1 x connector teflon F-windows
1 x SF95 DSS Satellite Signal Finder
1 x Splitter 6 ports
1 x DVB Receiver FERGUSON AF-6318 CR (SECA)
1 x DVB Receiver FERGUSON DF-6000 CR
1 x F-type connector 1pcs
1 x Multiswitch 5/4 S142 CP with power supply
1 x Power Adapter for Splitter
1 x 2-Way TV/FM Splitter R-2 Signal
1 x Splitter 3 ports
1 x Terminal wall outlet Comlete SATSD3 k Class A
1 x Multiswitch 9-input S154-CP with power supply
1 x Converter Golden Interstar 0.2 dB QUATRO LNB
1 x Card reader for FTA SAT receivers
1 x FME jack GOLD on H155, RF 240 cable
1 x TNC-RP plug (pin female)GOLD on H155
1 x TNC (pin male) GOLD on H155
1 x SMA plug GOLD-pin male H155, RF 240
1 x N/female on H155 clamp
1 x RPSMA jack gold (female pin) on H155 , RF240
1 x Pin for RPSMA female on H155
1 x Bushes for RPSMA & N on H155, RF240
1 x N/male GOLD on H155 , RF 240
1 x N/female on H155, RF240 GOLD
1 x BNC (male pin) on H155, RF240- gold
1 x Pin for RPSMA male on H155
1 x Pin for N male on H155
1 x RPSMA jack (male pin, male thread) on H155 GOLD
1 x RPSMA plug (pin female, internal thread) on H155, RF 240 GOLD
1 x N/male Silver on H155 , RF 240
1 x Converter for 5 GHz parabolic antennas
1 x Parabolic Antenna 5 Ghz 28dBi 42cm
1 x Bridge for 5GHz, CA8-PRO, 24dBi for links up to 10km
1 x Panel Antenna 5 Ghz 24dBi FOR LONG LINKS
1 x Antenna Box 5GHz/19dBi with Wispstation +POE 18V 1A for links up
1 x Parabolic Antenna 5 Ghz 23dBi 35cm
1 x Antenna Box 5GHz/19dBi with RB711 +POE 18V 1A for links up to 6k
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